Italy- Rome, Lazio 10/2012

We made the most of our brief trip overseas for the funeral with a quick stop in Rome. We flew in Saturday and we were out on Monday. This was a whirlwind trip, not only did we spend the entire time (both in Rome and Belgium) with jet lag, it managed to follow us back for a week or so. But, the funeral was beautiful, we got to say our goodbyes to Voke and we made it to Rome sweet Rome for the second time in 2012. The weather was amazing, in the 70s and 80s and the sun was shining. We got in Saturday, checked in to the hotel and we off to cross Rome to pick up our tickets and then headed to the Olympic Stadium for the Lazio-Milan game. We knew we could count on a quick (and amazing) bite to eat out side of the stadium. We ate our sandwiches and washed them down with a cold Birra Morretti. Walking into a stadium always seems to make my jaw drop and our timing that night was perfect. The crowd was singing and they were just about to release Olympia (the team’s bald eagle) for her flight around the stadium. Lazio beat Milan 3-2 and added to the elation of our return to Rome.

We spent the next day visiting the Mouth of Truth, Circo Massiomo and a return to the Coliseum.  We were unable to connect with any of our friends (short notice and malfunctioning phone) but we had some great family time.


Where we stayed: Ripa Hotel

Our room was pretty identical to the first stay. It was spacious and clean. Like before, it was a nice commute between the airport and the hotel. The staff was pleasant and the breakfast was  pleasing. The one big disappointment was the store around the corner had shut down. It was so nice to jaunt over there and load up on Italian treats to bring home. I really like this hotel, but because the store is no longer open, I think we will try somewhere else next time.

Where we ate:  Stadium Food Truck

Food trucks park outside the stadium and serve up sandwiches with such delicacies that you can only find in Italy. They aren’t heavy, fried but them may have a little grease, but just from the olive oil. They were around long before the food truck trend in the US.

Where we ate: Sora Lella

Located on Isola Tiburina, this restaurant was on the list to try after watching it on the Layover (Anthony Bourdain). Stopped in for lunch, it is a great location. I’m afraid this restaurant will start to go downhill with the influx of tourists and fame, but, fingers crossed! We all ordered a pasta dish and split all three. The most exciting dish was the Tonnarelli alla Cuccagna-  Homemade Tonnarelli pasta with sausage, bacon, eggs, walnuts and cheese.  I love tonnarelli and all it was like a fancy carbonara.

Where we ate: Percento

Located right in the historic center, this was a nice find that we stumbled on after cocktails in Campo Dei Fiori. There is an open kitchen and is beautifully decorated. They do not have a ‘house wine’ so you have to order a bottle (adds to the price), but they have a great wine selection. The food was good and the staff was friendly. The server was a little pushy, but it was a quiet night in there, and, well, it’s his job. The only other table happened to be Paul Haggis and a companion. He was in Rome filming (well, I guess directing) a movie and, I was told, dined there several nights a week. I didn’t recognize him, but maybe it was for the better because he stopped at our table for a little chat on the way out, who knows how I would have embarrassed myself! The plates are a euro or two over what I would usually pay, but no one was disappointed. The chef even came out and shared a recipe with me, the dish Adrian picked (with mom’s help), Mezzo Maniche con lardo di Patanegra, ceci e patate. Kevin and I both ordered a daily special, troffie con funghi prataoili- supposedly a special, rare mushroom (was good, but didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary) and Medaglioni di agnello ripieni di erbe (medallions of lamb stuffed with herbs). Good food, fun staff, and a great bottle of wine made for a great night!



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