Mexico- Cozumel 12/2012

This was just what the doctor ordered! December could not have been anymore chaotic for us and this was the perfect way to unwind and reconnect. This was our second All-Inclusive trip and it was as good if not better then the first.  We stayed at the Fiesta Americana in Cozumel, Mexico from December 22 until December 31.

Fortunately the service at the resort was amazing, because we really needed some VIP treatment after going through customs at the airport. It was a disaster. We waited for over an hour in a long, disorganized line in a room with no air conditioning or anywhere to get a drink (non potable water on the island).  About 40 minutes after we landed, our friend’s plane landed. Those in wheelchairs were escorted to the front of the line (two planes worth of passengers, soon to be three). Our friends had a two year old and after awhile, they were also chosen to skip the line. The guy eventually decided to let us skip what little was left since we were with them. After waiting for the luggage that was piled on the other side of the window from our friends’ flight to be piled on the inside, we were well ready to be on our way. They shoved more people then they should in the shuttle. Luckily we were the first stop and were greeting with smiling faces and a drink (and ice cream for the kids). We were invited to sit down and for the next 9 days someone was always making sure we were happy.

The resort was well maintained. There were always people cleaning and performing general maintenance.  We were waited on and catered to with care. Most employees spoke English well, but if they didn’t, they were able to communicate in their own way, or were very patient and appreciative as we attempted Spanish. We had feared that the resort would be full of obese, loud Americans, but were pleasantly surprised at the number of domestic tourists and the general type of clientele.

There were three restaurants, two buffet types and a sit down Italian restaurant that required reservations. For breakfast, the two buffets were open, one near the pool and the other near the beach, the one near the beach was our favorite. They both had a nice assortment of local food, fresh fruit, cereal, and killer made to order omelets. For lunch, the same two buffet locations were open. The one down by the beach served more local fare while the buffet by the pool served hamburgers and hot dogs (for some reason they referred to this as a light snack). For dinner they had the buffet by the pool and the Italian restaurant. The buffet had a different theme every night and they were always grilling something fresh to order.

The decorations changed each night with the theme. The desserts were amazing. At the Italian restaurant I loved the carpaccio and Mexican pizza.

We were not a fan of the wine and the only beer choice was Dos Equis (but both the lager and amber), so I mainly stuck with mixed drinks.  They have a great selection of tequilas and alcohol in general, which was nice for an AI. What was also nice, was at the beach, a waiter would come by and get your drink order. I loved being served cocktails lounging in my hammock.

They did a great job with activities. We played beach volleyball, bingo, backgammon, mini golf, soccer, ping pong, chased lizards, feed the fish and Adrian I even did water aerobics one day. Adrian participated in a few activities with their kids club. The lady who runs that is great. They do a good job including both Spanish and English speakers with everything.



We walked to the Chankanaab Park one day, it was alright. We saw a Sea Lion show, which the kids loved, got eaten alive by bugs in the little jungle tour, but got a fresh made maize tortilla with some pumpkin filling (claiming to be a traditional Mayan recipe), had a guide that wanted to take more pictures of us then we took on our whole trip (and with an artistic flair) and we took a dip in the sea. We wanted to do a tour to see the dolphins and manatees, so we waited at the meeting place with a handful of other people, but no one showed up. Someone finally flagged down a worker and they informed us there would be no tour that day because they were expecting so many cruise ships.




 We had a great group of friends with us, we were waited on hand and foot and just had an overall amazing trip. If I wasn’t so eager to see new places, I would have no problem coming back to this resort.

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