Salt Lake City: Sea Salt- Italian

Sea Salt- 1709 East 1300 South (15th and 15th) Salt Lake City, UT

3 out of 5. After living in Italy for almost 7 years, I am pretty hesitant to go to Italian restaurants in the US, especially really popular ones. It usually is just such a huge disappointment. We weren’t thrilled with Sea Salt, but we definitely weren’t disappointed.  It’s pretty close to authentic Italian food, not Americanized Italian, but the few differences make it not quite authentic either. I have never heard such strange reviews as I had for this restaurant before going, but they all make sense now. I think someone who has visited Italy will have a little more appreciation than someone who has not. Cryptic enough for you?

We ordered arancini as our appetizer. They were 4 golf ball sized rice balls. They seemed to be made from plain rice (instead of risotto like they should be) and each had a piece of mushroom and cheese in the middle. The arancini came served with an Arugula salad that had an amazing lemon vinaigrette.

For our main dishes, the three of us split a pasta and a pizza. They did not have a kids menu, which is always disappointing to me. I am seeing that most farm to table restaurants in SLC do not have kid’s menus, which makes it hard to take piglets along. If their meal is going to cost $10+, it just really adds to the cost.

Luckily, we were happy to split an appetizer and two dishes three ways and still had plenty of leftovers.  The pasta itself was made at the restaurant and of very good quality. The sauce was a tomato/duck sauce and was mediocre. It was too runny and the flavor was just so-so. We ordered the Roma pizza and were pleased to see eggs with the runny yolk. The ingredients were high quality but the crust was just OK.

The wait staff was amazing, I really enjoyed our sever. They were all very attentive and constantly filled up our water glasses. We were asked if we wanted still or sparkling water, and ordered still. They left a cute bottle on the table, but still came by to refill our glasses. The atmosphere is both classy and casual. It would be a good place for a date. We dined outside and it was pleasant. When we were finishing up, a big storm started blowing in and blew one of there shade tent down as well as knocked the letters on their sign off. We decided to skip dessert and make it home before the rain. We will have to try dessert during another visit. I felt the prices were a little on the high side, but not too much to scare me away.

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