I lived in Rome, Italy for six and a half years where I really learned to appreciate food and cooking (not to mention wine, but I’ll get to that later). My cooking and preferences have not only been greatly influenced by growing up in Montana, living in Italy, and being married to a Belgian, but by my love of traveling (from the Bahamas, Honduras, Thailand, to one horse towns lost in the Yaak).

I love using fresh, local ingredients to create simple but tasty dishes. What and how I cook changes with season, not only due to the fresh ingredients available, but to the weather. I am on the thrifty side, so where I can save money without sacrificing taste, I will do it.

I am fortunate to have my husband share this passion. He is an avid gardener, makes pasta from hand, and loves to can.  We like to make a weekly menu based on what we have on hand or in the garden and take turns cooking throughout the week. Sometimes he cooks, sometimes I cook and sometimes we cook together.

The climates in Montana and Eden were harsh and our gardens were a struggle, we are excited to be in Salt Lake City for a longer growing season. I hope to share some of our favorite recipes.


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