Salt Lake City, UT: Red Rock Brewing- Pub Grub

Red Rock Brewing- 254 South 200 West (Downtown) Salt Lake City, UT

2.9 out of 5 So far, we have been there twice, once got appetizers and beers with friends then mom and dad came back for lunch. The kitchen is open and clean. The food is good quality, it’s your average Brew Pub selection which matched the atmosphere. When we came back for lunch to cheer on Italy during the Euro Cup. We split Calamari and a Wild Mushroom Pizza. The calamari was good quality for not being ‘on the seaside,’ not to chewy, but it was a little salty and the presentation was terrible. The sauces were sloppily poured over the sides and running everywhere. The Pizza was tasty, the caramelized balsamic onions on the pizza where the hit of the meal. We were not there with the little guy for an actual meal, but he loved the mozzarella sticks from the first visit. They do have a kids menu which has the usual grilled cheese/pizza type options.

We love their beer and often get it at the liquor store as well. They have a very tasty Saison, Le Quartre Saison, that even passes Kevin’s strict Belgian standards.

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