Salt Lake City, UT: Eggs in the City- Breakfast/Lunch American

Eggs in the City- 1675 East 1300 South (15th and 15th) Salt Lake City, UT

2.8 out of 5 stars. I was thrilled to learn we live within a few blocks of several restaurants, one of them being Eggs in the City. Adrian wanted to go out for his birthday breakfast so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. We went around 10:30am on a Saturday and were able to grab the only open table. There was a wait for a table outside, but as an allergy suffer, outside tables in the spring are not high on my list, and the big garage like doors gives a nice connection to the outside for all. We saw the mixed reviews online but went in with an open mind.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, Kevin got the Corned Beef Hash and Adrian had the small breakfast plate with Mickey Mouse pancakes.

I liked the addition of the tomato slices on my Eggs Benedict and the hollandaise sauce was good but the portion was small; small eggs, small English muffins, just a few potatoes. The potatoes had a seasoning on them that I thought was fine (nothing exciting, but good) but a few of mine were under cooked. Kevin’s portion was even sadder than mine was. It’s Corned Beef Hash, it should have more than a few potatoes and a few pieces of Corned Beef, it should resemble a mountain, even a mole hill, not a side dish. Adrian’s dish was pretty spot on for the price portion relationship. They made the pancake a cute Mickey Mouse with fruit for the face. He was happy.

Overall, it was OK. I really wanted to love this place, but I will have to settle for liking it. As far as the atmosphere goes, it was lively, but had poor acoustics. We had a hard time hearing each other and the staff. We never knew who our server was, I think they all help everyone. I had to ask 3 people to get my water refilled. Everyone was friendly and pleasant though. The bill came without any numbers and you had to go to the cash register to see the damage. I’m sure we will go back, being just blocks away, but not with the excitement we had hoped.

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