Salt Lake City, UT: Pago- Farm to Table American

Pago- 878 South 900 East (9th and 9th) Salt Lake City, UT

4 out of 5 stars.  We stopped at Pago for lunch after the first Farmers market this summer. Kevin and I were pleased to see $3 Bloody Marys and Mimosas. We both opted for a Bloody Mary, even though it was June. We were delighted to hear the recipe was an in house recipe and made fresh daily. It was pretty tasty and had the right amount of spice. It was also summer appropriate, with strong flavors of cucumber. I was curious when I saw the menu and even more excited when our food arrived.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and Kevin ordered the Burger, and Adrian shared our plates. I did feel a little lost there with Adrian. The price was fair for the quality of food, but I would have liked to have some options for children. At $10+ a dish, it’s hard with an 8 year old. It would bring a family brunch for just the 3 of us closer to $50.

I have a hard time refusing Eggs Benedict when I see it on a menu. It was was definitely good, but to be honest, nothing was really ‘special’ about it, but I was very pleased with the quality of the ingredients. Where the fireworks happened was with the burger. Kevin said it was the best burger he has ever eaten, and I may have to agree. I really hate saying that, because, come on, it’s a burger, how different can they be? Well, it wasn’t really the burger itself that got us all excited (I mean ground meat, come on), the spark was with the ingredients in between the burger and bun that made a magical combination . That is the inspiration I look for when dining out. New flavor combinations, creativity and a love of food.

I am a big ‘plain’ burger fan. I do not like mustard, could care less about ketchup, not a fan of pickles and am kind of afraid of mayonnaise (don’t ask). I like cheese and bacon on mine. It also adds to my purist nature with food, but also makes it hard to have a really good burger. Pago did that for me. There was nothing on that burger that did not please every one of my senses. Not to neglect the burger and bun themselves, it was clear they were both high quality as well. For future visits (which there will be),  I would be more curious to see their lunch and dinner menus than revisit their brunch.

As far as the rest, the staff were friendly and very helpful. The atmosphere was exactly the way a restaurant should be. It was very easy to talk with everyone at the table (not too loud even in packed room and no echo). I love their use of local foods, even going as far as listing which farms they get their ingredients from. We all agreed it is somewhere we need to return.

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  1. Hi, that is a gorgeous picture of Pago’s burger. Is it okay if I use it on my website with a link to your blog? It’s for the Salt Lake City website.

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