Our food profiles

Angela: If I had to narrow it down to two words I would consider myself a food purist. Don’t be confused, I do not prefer my food raw or my steak without gravy, I just like to keep things simple. I am very much in love with the Italian kitchen for this reason. Keep it at a few ingredients, but make those ingredients the best.

Kevin: He is a mad scientist when it comes to food. He is always experimenting, both at restaurants and cooking at home. He has a high level of standards but is quite often pleased. This experimenting has led to a number of great finds and few Pizza Hut take outs.

Adrian: He chooses based on names and the visual appeal. His biggest downfall is he decides whether he likes something or not before it even hits his taste buds. Picking based on a name has led to several disappointments and is starting to learn to ask Mamma Pig if he would like it. We are working on both of these because he has the special talent of truly enjoying all flavors and is not sensitive to texture. We feel he will make a great chef or critic someday.

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