Who are the Three Little Pigs?

Angela: That’s me! Mamma Pig. I was born in Anaconda, MT and grew up Missoula, MT. I left Missoula and moved to Los Angeles, CA for about 6 months, where I truly realized how big the world was and not to be left out, moved to Rome, Italy where I spent the next 61/2 years.  I met my wonderful husband there and we moved to Missoula, MT so I could finish up my university studies in International Business. We now live in UT where we have access to a major airport, and, most importantly, the best snow on earth. I have the travel itch and get very anxious when I do not have at least two big trips booked.

Kevin: My loving and adoring husband or Papa Pig. Kevin was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. He moved to Rome, Italy to attend the University and follow his true love, Rome’s first soccer team, SS Lazio. If he is not watching Lazio play you will probably find him snowboarding, staring at airplanes, making pasta by hand, or canning food from our garden. He has the my same sickness for travel.

Adrian: Our young son or piglet was born in Utah. Our son came into our lives through the foster care. We could not have found or ‘made’ a son more perfect for our lives. He is one of the hardest snowboarders out there and can travel better than most adults. He came to live with us at the age of 6. He had eaten very little beyond cereal and chicken nuggets and didn’t even know how to use a fork. This presented itself as quite a challenge to us at the start. As passionate as we are for food, we feel that children should eat the same as adults. Adrian was scared of any new food, especially fruits and vegetables, even french fries. It was a long process and with our consistency his fits stopped within a year. He is still rarely thrilled to eat fruits and vegetables in their whole form but has become an adventurous eater for any age. He eats about 95% of the things offered, including snails, sushi, and whole crayfish.

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