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To celebrate Craft Beer week, we were able to snag the last two spots at the Sip and Savor event at Bambara last night. Not only was it our first time, it was the first time the event was featuring beer. EPIC Brewing sent their brewmaster, Kevin Crompton who shared his knowledge and passion for beer and Bambara’s chef, Nathan Powers (I’m assuming no relation to Kenny Powers, I really wanted to ask, but what little common sense I have allowed me to refrain) .

Chef Nathan did some magical pairing for this three course event using the profiles of EPIC’s fine crafted Wit Beer, Brainless Raspberries and Smoked & Oaked, which are all Belgian-style ales.

First Course– Wild California King Salmon Tartare, Corriander Crème fraîche, Orange peel with Wit Beer

I’m not a big fan of fish. For some reason I like raw fish (nigiri sushi) and thought, well, this is tartare, might as well give it a try. I finished the whole thing to poor Kevin’s dismay (hoping he could finish my dish) and was left wanting to lick my plate.  The pairing was spot on, not an imitation of the flavors in the beer, but complimenting them.  The beer was light but full of flavor, much like the dish. This would be perfect for a warm summer afternoon.  This was my favorite beer of the evening.

Second Course– Roasted Duck, Raspberry BBQ, Corn Puree, Fresh Raspberries with Brainless Raspberries

Rich and light at the same time. The duck was cooked to perfection and the corn puree with the raspberries shouted summertime. For the beer, it was a little different from a more traditional Lambic in that it used a Belgian Golden Ale for the base. The strong taste of the beer mixed with the fruit to create a full and fruity flavor.

Third Course– Oregon Smokehouse Blue, Turkish Dates, Marcona almonds with Smoked and Oaked.

This may be the best Bleu Cheese I have ever had. The edges were loaded with a rich and smoky flavor while the middle of the slice kept the strong bleu cheese flavoring. Tasty almonds and dried fruit accompanied the cheese and beer quite well. The cheese also paired divinely with the Smoked and Oaked beer, which is a fine sipping beer. Many stories were told around the table of using the beer as a night cap or in place of a fine whiskey or brandy. This was Kevin’s favorite beer of the night.

What a night! The brewmaster from EPIC and chef from Bambara hung around for the whole event sharing stories and explaining the inner workings of both the brewery and the restaurant. They both stressed the importance of ingredients and the experience and atmosphere both beer and food can add or create in a moment. The other attendees of the event were all fun and full of stories and entertainment. I was so happy to be a part of this event, and, at the low cost of $20, I quickly added our names down on the mailing list for future Sip and Savor events.

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  1. Dawn Updike says:

    Yum! Wish we could have been there with you:)

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