Birthday week

In my family we don’t just celebrate our birthday, we have a birthday week. This clever idea was born from the forgetfulness of my father. He has always and will always forget our birthdays. My sister and I try to always remind him, but sometimes it’s a little too late to get a gift on time, so instead of the gift being late, it can be delivered anytime during our ‘birthday week.’ This has become very convenient for us, and Kevin’s family, since we live far away and shipping is always a guess. And, not to forget, like a typical Leo, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the birthday power for a full week.

We go out to a restaurant for one of the birthday week meals and then the birthday celebrant can choose a meal at home for another one of the other nights. I have been dying to go to Adobos Caribbean Grill down in Sandy and try the Mofongo, so when Sunday came around we were getting ready, but with all our planning, we failed to check and see if Adobos was open. Sure enough, it was closed, but we are lucky enough to live in a city with some amazing choices and I decided on Chanon Thai Cafe which never lets me down. It was great and we made sure to order enough to have leftovers.

On Monday, my actual birthday, we had venison steaks, with a mushroom sauce, grilled figs and fries. The highlight, or highlights of the meal were the wine and cake. I love southern Italian reds, my two favorites being Nero D’Avola and Aglianico, you can just taste the sun. Probably up there with the top 3 wines I’ve had, Kevin selected Feudo Maccari Saia Nero D’Avola from 2009. Wow, rated at 90 points, Nathan Wesley with Wine Spectator described is as:

“A dark Nero, packed with layers of baking spice, plum skin, fig paste and maduro tobacco. A modern style, with a long aftertaste of spice and berries. Drink now through 2014.” 

At about $30-35 a bottle, we debated about what we would have to give up in our lives to be able to drink wines like this every night, and decided we weren’t ready to sacrifice our vacations, so we’ll stick to drinking it on special occasions.

The cake, a chocolate torte, came from a local bakery, Blossom Fine Foods, bought at Whole Foods, had a tasty, sophisticated flair to it. It wasn’t too sugary, the chocolate was rich, and the frosting had some great spice. Kevin made the comment that it was a cake made for adults, but Adrian argued that it was fit for kids. It pleased the whole house!

My birthday week ended with our yearly back to school/birthday party on Saturday. We invited old and new friends and neighbors (since we a pretty new to the area, it was a great way to get to know them!). We served chips and salsa, Israeli couscous with roasted tomatoes, grilled figs, BBQ pulled pork, and ice cream cone cupcakes, just like my mom used to make! For drinks, we had our beverage container filled with ice water, lemon and cucumber slices, and in the cooler an assortment of bottled beer and a mini keg we bought in Montana.

We choose items that we could make ahead and enjoy the time hanging out with everyone. Some of our guests were Vegan, and that was a first for me. We switched up the couscous from cooking it with chicken broth to veggie broth and it was tasty. Dessert being the most challenging, we settled for picking up some Vegan cookies. Some friends brought wine and beer, delicious brownies, salad, and chips and dip. We planned well, everyone seemed full and happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to conclude my birthday week!



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